About A Puppy's Prayer LLC

Maddi our dog
2003 - 2016

Know Your Pet Care

Sammy our cat
1998 - 2016

 A Puppy's Prayer LLC was created in 2005 by Kathie Fowler in Kings Charter as an alternative to caring for your animals while you are away. Our pets are as much a part of our family as our children and we want to know they are safe and secure in the comfort of their own environment!  While some animals do fine in a high energy environment, others prefer to nap in peace on their own bed and enjoy a friendly visitor to come throughout the day for feeding, walks and playtime.

Kathie is Certified through Red Cross Pet First Aid and holds insurance through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC for your peace of mind.  She is a charter member of Professional United Pet Sitters Association and keeps current by being an avid reader of many pet journals, books, web sites and message boards.  She has access to a variety of resources for finding answers to all of your pet concerns. 

It has been a pleasure getting to know our community of neighbors and having a plethora of fur babies to love!

Our Growing Team

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Kathie and Scott
Scott and Kathie