A Puppy's Prayer LLC Services and Rates List


Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet ImageThis is a FREE meeting so we can meet you and your pets.  We require this meeting prior to the client submitting a Service Request.  We prefer to have at least 1 week between the Meet and Greet and your first service request but we will gladly work around your schedule if we can.


During this meeting we not only get to meet you and your pets but you also get to meet us. In addition we also make sure you understand our Legal Agreement, Vet Release form, and how to use our online system for scheduling care for your pet.


If during the Meet and Greet you are aware of when you'll need care, we'll be happy to walk you through setting up your first Service Request.  In addition, the A Puppy's Prayer LLC employee will be happy to answer any of your questions during this time as well.

1.00 hour


Regular VisitMost Popular Image

Our most popular choice. Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings and one on one playtime. Most dogs will require 2-4 Regular visits per day. Cats are best with 1 visit per day.  If during this time you would like us to walk your pet, please indicate that information on your Service Request in the Special Instructions section.

30 minutes


Value Visit

Short visit which can be used as a quick potty break or even a 3rd feeding.  For these visits we don't typically take pets on a walk but we'll work with you if that is what you need.

15 minutes


Extended Visit

This visit is for those clients who need extra time to care for their animals.  This is typically used by clients who have multiple animals who need extra loving!

45 minutes


Dog WalkingDaily Dog Walks

(Price not available for Vacation Sits) These are used by our weekly (M-F) customers to have their pet(s) taken for a walk while the owners are at work. Note: if a holiday falls during a weekday (see observed Holidays below), we will not be performing these types of walks. In addition, depending on the weather, walks usually last about 25 minutes but sometimes the pet(s) would rather not walk that long during extreme cold and/or humid days. 

Note: Daily type Service Request are paid by the week in full whether the client has us show up or not.  The only exceptions are when we are not going to show up i.e. scheduled holidays.  In this case payment that week will be reduced by a Daily rate for those days we are not coming by.  If you have questions, please ask us during your Meet & Greet.

30 minutes


Pet Pick Up and Drop Off


Veterinarian ImagePet Groomer Image

We will pick your pet up from your home and drop them off where ever they need to go, i.e., Vet visit, Groomer or even bring them to you.  We can also do the reverse as well, pick them up from a Vet visit or Groomer visit and bring them home (we like that one better because your pet is always happier coming home then going away).

Since we provide services in "blocks" of time, we request, when ordering this service, that you add into your Special Instructions section of the Service Request the appointment time for pet arrival or departure.


Please note, this is a one-way service.  If you need both dropped off and picked up, please select this service for Drop Off and then select the service for Pick up as well.

45 minutes


Visiting PetVisiting Pet Fee

This fee is per additional pet (that is not a part of your current household) per visit. Please remember to have the owner of the additional pet sign our Legal Agreement and our Vet Release form found in your Documentation section of the Client Menu screen.  Please leave them out with your printed Service Request form and payment so your pet sitter can collect them on their first visit.


Keys ImageKey Pick Up Fee

This fee will be charged on each Service Request if the client chooses not to keep a key on file with us.


Holiday Fee

New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day (Closed)

This fee is charged for sits that occur during scheduled holidays.  The listing in the table to the right are the holidays we typically recognize.


Pet Supply Pick Up Fee

This fee is charged each time we have to go get pet supplies for your pets while you're away. 


Oops ImageLate Payment Fee

Payment is due at the beginning of service.  If payment is not left or arrangements are not made ahead of time, we will add this fee to your service request.


Returned Check Fee

If our bank returns a check for non-payment we will apply this charge to your Service Request.


Same Day Service Fee

Based on our growing business we have had to institute a Same Day Service Fee for those clients who schedule same day Service Requests. Same Day Service Requests are Service Requests that are submitted on the same day of when the service is suppose to start.  We understand that situations arise which require last minute scheduling and we are here to help in anyway we can so we also reserve the right to waive this fee based on each individual situation but we want to let our clients know that we have created this fee.


Additional Meet & Greet

This is our fee charged for having an additional Meet & Greet session with our Clients.  If you need an additional Meet & Greet, just select it as the Service Type when setting up your Service Request.  These are used for clients who have had changes to their households i.e., new pets, or clients who haven't used our services in awhile.  We may waive this fee based on the situation.  

1.00 hour


Important Terms Payment is due before service starts.  With permission you may leave a check in full and the printed Service Request for the first visit.  However, your pet sitter must leave your home without providing any service if you forget to leave payment or pre-pay using PayPal.

Refunds & Cancellations

Holiday Payment in full is charged (no refunds)
0-48 Hrs Payment in full is charged (no refunds)
2-7 Days 20% of Service total is due (80% refund)
8+ Days No charge, refund in full

Accepted Payment types: Cash, Check, PayPal, or Invoice